Architecture Design

Motter & Meadows is recognized as the leading architectural firm in the Greater Canton and Stark County region, having designed many of the area's most recognizable structures, including Timken High School in Canton, the Hoover Company world headquarters plant in North Canton, the internationally recognized Fawcett Stadium adjacent to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, and many more. Our work encompasses architectural design at all scales and sizes, from residential and small business to corporate and educational campus complexes. Our services include:

  • Programming of required spaces
  • Schematic Design Drawings
  • Design Development Drawings
  • Interior Design Services
  • Landscaping Architecture Design Services
  • Consulting engineering services including:
    • Civil
    • Structural
    • Electrical
    • Mechanical
  • Construction Drawings
  • Construction Administration

Urban Neighborhood Planning

We work closely with property owners, developers and community leaders to define project goals and objectives that will uphold the architectural and design integrity of the surrounding area. We assist with zoning, site coordination to ensure a smooth development and construction process.